Rothgerber Johnson & Lyons

Denver, CO


Rothgerber Johnson & Lyons, after exploring “stay versus go scenarios” elected to remain in their Class- A downtown Denver high-rise — and pursue a refresh & restack of their existing floors.  The firm’s goal was to make the stay-in-place renovation as disruptive-free as possible to allow the firm to focus on their core business during the process.  Swing space was utilized such that each floor could be renovated one at a time, thereby allowing for phasing of the project schedule and resultant re-occupancy of their floors.


Catalyst’s consulting model allowed for support to RJL/RJL’s internal team for oversight of the Landlord’s turn key construction delivery method, as well as management of the non-construction work streams.  This approach allowed for strong integration of Landlord and Tenant work, seamless coordination needed for an occupied remodel and effective oversight of spend.  By approaching the project in a collaborative manner, Catalyst was able successfully deliver the project by integrating all team members and acting as the grounding point/conduit on RJL’s behalf.


  • A 50,000 SF, (3) floor, Class A, Central Business District project
  • Catalyst Achievements
  • Successful occupied renovation
  • Internal re-stack utilizing swing space
  • Optimization to the existing real estate footprint, supporting more efficiency and collaborative spaces; Well organized re-occupy strategy with detailed move planning
  • On-time and on-budget delivery
  • Successful delivery model of Landlord + Tenant integration and adherence to Work Letter memorialization
  • Rothgerber Johnson & Lyons